About Us

We see ourselves as the world’s leading information Technology Company providing quality solution backed up by unbeatable customer service.

As a cornerstone of our strategy, we collaborate with our customers to help them meet the challenges of the information age, to help them look beyond the hype and the buzzwords and to get technology to work for their business models, and not the other way around.

Our solution enables our customers to fine- tune their business processes, supporting, extending and transforming their business to realize measureable competitive advantage.

our belief

We believe in utilizing technology to make things simple & easy to use. We also believe in thinking ahead and delivering products or services that can fit well with upcoming future technologies.


philosophy and culture

At Syon, we recognize that business exists to serve community and we are dedicated to repaying the community for the opportunities and successes that have been presented to us.

We have created a culture of teamwork and empowerment. Each team member is an integral part of the whole. They are empowered to make and suggest direction of the company the environment of supportive collaboration allows us to foster the spirit of innovation. It is this spirit that enhances the values of our company & inspires growth.

We help our clients to improve their business performance by building & supporting innovative solution that help them to effectively & efficiently manage them entire organization.

our team

We have a committed team of professionals with experience in variety of tools & platforms. Our developers keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends. Our skilled people share a common vision of growth. We do what we believe in, and we believe in what we do.



Syon Technologies commits to deliver products, solution & services to its customers ensuring utmost quality projecting its motto customer satisfaction through quality of service through continual improvement of its practices.


  • One-Stop-Shop” Solution providers.
  • Develop the “RIGHT” solution the “FIRST-TIME”
  • Build “customer loyalty” through excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Our corporate values are Passion, Commitment, Integrity, Innovation, Team-work & Trust.